The book as a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer

Why are some business ideas fail to realize, while others gradually fall into oblivion? On this question the authors of this book Fri. "GEAR UP. Choose the best business model and draw a own path to success. You can win it in our contest.

On what parts of the business should focus on the stage of defining a new or improve an existing idea? Which of them plays a decisive role in the success of the project? And finally, how to be successful? Answers to these questions can be found in the book GEAR UP. They wrote the three authors who have translated their business experience to nearly two hundred pages full of tips not only for aspiring entrepreneurs. All of them are lecturers at the universities of world renown: Ramfelt Lena and Jonas Kjellberg teach at Stanford University and the Stockholm School of Economics, and Tom Kośnik on the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and the Stanford School of Engineering.

One of the authors, however, stand on their background, experience in terms of start-ups. Speech by Jonas Kjellbergu, who for years was responsible for the area of ​​online business in the Investment Ab Kinnevik, a Swedish owner of e-commerce companies (Zalando, lamoda, Jabong, Avito and CDON). He co-founded a startup and he was one of the founders of Skype. The more we encourage you to read the latest publication PWNu.

Gear Up does not contain specific solutions to specific problems. This book is a kind of scheme, which allows you to assess the needs specific to your situation. Answers to the questions posed in the context of the next steps of this analysis will work out a solution strategy tailored specifically to your needs. This book thus plays a similar function as a personal trainer: help you develop a training program appropriate to your assumptions, but the rest of the work we have to do ourselves. "The book will tell you that you do push-ups, but you can not count on it, that will do it for you" says in the description.

The publication was created for entrepreneurs who wish to pursue new initiatives, but also leaders of the smaller and larger organizations with an established position. Because you also have to choose ideas worth pursuing. When you make a choice, Gear Up will help create a new market or cause confusion to the already existing. "This program is the result of joint work of theorists and entrepreneurs, and all the recommendations contained in the book have been tested in practice by business leaders from around the world," the authors write. Gear Up is also a valuable source of knowledge for students. The creation of this model contributed brilliant minds from Harvard Business School and Stanford University. Today, this book is in the reading canon of students from Stanford and the Higher School of Economics in Stockholm.

Guidance is intended for managers, entrepreneurs, and for those who only think about their own business. Tested by many businessmen around the world, it will also help you realize your best ideas. Get started now!