In the library no longer buy cheaper books. Business more important than the reader?


By the end of the year we will be able to buy so-called. Cheap books in municipal libraries. Director of the Public Library signed an agreement with antique shop online "For Everyone". Interest books for sale was really big, readers will not be happy because of this, and I, and the change seems unnecessary tells us anonymously employee of a large branch of MBP in the center of Wroclaw. Anna May, which was chosen 3 books from the rack "on sale" there is no doubt: It hit many readers, for whom such a sale to an excellent opportunity to acquire books on the property at a good price.

I understand that winning business approach, and the reader, especially the less wealthy, it is important for management library adds Born in Wrocław and admits that whenever the library, always reading books at the library fair and there is something for everyone. We check the library at ul.

Indeed, on one shelf with cheap books, that there still remained (previously there were a few) you can find interesting suggestions. There are mysteries, guides, how-to books and maps in good condition. For some of these items in the bookstore would be necessary to pay up to 50 dollars.

Town Library does not need to raise additional funds for its operations and does not need to commercially sell books antykwariatowi outraged Mr. Luke in a letter to the editor. This activity raises a lot of doubts he adds. So why the idea for such a change? Andrzej Ociepa, director of MBP Wroclaw explains that the interest used books, and thus the proceeds of their sales were negligible.

Therefore, when reported to us a large antiquarian and declared that he may acquire withdrawn our books in large quantities, I thought it was a very good thing says Andrzej Ociepa. Director of the municipal library emphasizes that greater revenue from the sale of withdrawn books will translate positively for people enrolled in the MBP. These funds will be used to finance new book that everyone will be able to borrow explains Ociepa. I understand that some people who bought the book for pennies may be inconsolable, but the news will be available for free to all he adds.