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Many times during the presentation, training or other occasions I asked for additional literature or other sources where you can expand your knowledge. What has frequently are questions of very young people with no obligation on the head and open knowledge. There have already been various attempts to create a ranking of business books or narrow, to the subject of marketing. I do not want them here reproduced or pour a list of dozens of titles. I will focus on a specific task to offer you several titles, especially if you are, young people who have just opened or plan to open its activities related to the Internet. Will it be a website or a service, or the need to build a network of their personal brand, which later will help you gain knowledge and business partners. Such "embracing" on internet.

Probably useful for you to read biographies and history of the various great of this world Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, etc. But these stories leave yourself a moment of relaxation. Perhaps among your friends will be somebody who immediately snatch with his paw up "Read it! Please read Rich Dad Poor Father Robert Kiyosaki Take this book and then trzepnijcie heavily delinquent in the head. Because some editions of this title is my name is by the way also get away from me. I know that many readers may feel offended, after all, "is such a good book", "changed my life". I agree, the book is not bad, but my observation that a young man who at the beginning of their path is hit by "a series of Kioysakiego" then enters immediately into a mlm-in or affiliate program and according to some there instructions pats then such marketing nonsense that after otrzeźwieniu he then removes them from the net and memory. Maybe on some occasion used to elaborate on this topic Of course it does not hurt to prepare a solid and wet behind the ears of the classics the "Marketing" Kotler, read at their own will and not by force encased in college just might come in handy, as well as a few items Al and Laura Riesów search the web.

But let's focus on the literature that allows you to embrace some business, brand and internet. So, overall, to be aware of how complicated and completely different world consumer will have to go. With this type of literature is always the problem that quite quickly outdated, the internet is changing very quickly. English-language editions of books that reach the two-year period after Polish translations are not always on time, especially if they relate to social media and focus on foreign examples.

Another issue is access to the authors, especially since in this type of field author who allows himself to insolence writing the book should have experience in the industry. Today's social media allow not only to accurately verify but also easily contact the author and ask for details. Especially, the authors proposed my titles are extremely active on the network.

And in fact, these are some of the above arguments made, a list of such current "must have" Internet business books for beginners. Of course, highly subjective list, but reading these books from this list honestly recommend "scrolled" They are, moreover, not once in my blog or Facebook and surely some of you are well known titles.

All reads very easily, quickly and there are technical books, but the kind of which I like the most broadening horizons, to then direct the reader to search for concrete solutions.

Paul Tkaczyk "Nooks Brands"

It's actually the story of Paul Tkaczyk on different aspects related with the creation of the brand, its positioning, corporate identity or brand presence in social media. Just in time for beginners, those who are already in the field some experience may be disappointed, because the author touches a bunch of topics, some only accentuating. But the book is undoubtedly one advantage sensitized to constantly think about the brand of your company, product or service, and look at it from different points of view (eg. Customer). Besides, it is written in an easily digestible way (Paul is a master story) just in time for the beginning of the adventure in your own business. Browse through anyway reviewed the publisher's website and they decide not all are hurraoptymistyczne.

Michael Sadowski "Social Media Revolution"

This latest addition to my list. And very well, because it concerns the topic which is the fastest change social media. Is written by the head of Brand24 a service that allows you to monitor what they say about our brand on the Web. Because this type of literature, rooted in Polish reality (although the author gives a lot of foreign examples) so much, I believe that this item should be included in the fee for every semester studies related to marketing and distributed immediately in the first semester. Quick, short chapters can be read in the Access to universities or in the intervals between classes. "Social Media Revolution" shows what tools has today modern consumer, how it reacts and where he expresses his opinion and how a company can monitor it, use a negative feedback to translate its success. I regret terribly that it is only 200 pages, because many subjects require a much broader description.

Tom Tomczyk (Fireplace) "blogger"

About Kominku could hear a lot of different things like "I do not understand the phenomenon of fireplace," "there is nothing to excite," "intellectual bottom and oversized ego" and "I was once on his blog, I read some entries, but totally me not kidnapped, not I understand what all the fuss. It really is not important, the book he wrote very good the reading will help you to understand the principles that governed the blogosphere, but rather the blogosphere by Kominka, as (according to the fireplace) to create a strong brand personal and how to build and control the community of their readers. A lot of very interesting information, resulting from experience Kominka, not prescribed by the American guru of success even if the stated guidelines will not fit into your character, you can get the accurate reflection and exploration.

Krzysztof Gonciarz "WebShows. Secrets video on the Internet Since quite recently described this book on the blog, it simply Take a look here. In short, even if you do not plan to create an online show, it may become the problem of how to communicate your product or service using video. Reading "WebShows" will let you know the rules which governed the video on the Internet and how to approach this method of communication viewers.

It's a basic "four", which I recommend to all beginners. The authors of these books are constantly present in social media, it is easy to make contact with them or meet live somewhere at some conference or meeting. Sure, some of them (Paul Tkaczyk for sure, Fireplace also announced) will soon spend more books.

What for me as a blogger-Mediafun is very nice but trust me, it did not matter when it comes to "qualified" list is the fact that I am a patron of the media as many as three of the above mentioned titles and today, after the release of these books, I think that this partnership was a very good decision honestly recommend.

What items missing on this list? Titles that are not found on the Polish market or have not yet been written. Specific compendium written by Polish artist websites and investor 300 pages describing the experience Raphael Agnieszczak, creator A photo of the group and the neighbor, and an investor in several startups. It is true that Raphael Agnieszczak appears as one of the e-wangelistów in a book titled "E-wangeliści" but it's definitely not enough. In the absence of lacquer I recommend for a very good, foreign entry, the Bible startupowców method Lean Startup. Use innovative tools and create a company that will win the market.

From the field of e-commerce can Karwatka Thomas and David Sodulski "E-commerce. Simple answers to difficult questions. I can not point out the good, the title of field positioning one that will be present at the same time there will be suggested to generate thousands of links to farms and other tricks seo-ludków. Maybe you know some sensible suggestions, tips that google has not yet zbanowało, while on the Polish market?

One last suggestion, but maybe for some of you the most important ABC small business'u 02/2012. This is the title that has been around for several years, constantly updated (currently XXIV edition) had sold and step-by-step help set up and run their own business. It may be worthwhile to wait a while and buy the edition for 2013.

Phew, it's enough to start with when it comes to subjective choice of literature introducing the realities of the "internets" and "byznesów." If you have some of your proposals thrown in the comments, maybe it will be worth the cycle to continue and periodically refresh the list of suggestions.