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Born in Brooklyn, into a Jewish family but made cowboy Don Mafia, Reaver, a con artist, a Mexican bandit, lovely old man What it was, because Eli Wallach, who died today at 98 years he never stopped working, to face minor character after minor character, to end converted after performing in more than 150 films and TV series in a myth of the cinema, which was honored in 2010 with an honorary oscar more than deserved. Alone with his Tuco in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Don Altobello in The Godfather III will have a hole in the film saved glory. Wallach was able to race with a singular face, with its attached to the method performances and great wisdom in choosing projects as growing old.

Eli Herschel Wallach was born in Brooklyn in a family of Polish immigrants on 7 December 1915. It was one of the few Jews -poseĆ­an sweet- shop in a predominantly Italian neighborhood (may thus embody as well as many of them in the screen). After graduating in History at the University of Austin, he returned to New York, where he unleashes the bug that had bitten the interpretation: he began studying acting and appearing in some works at the same time, but World War II, and joining ranks, he stopped the progression. At the end of the war he entered the legendary Actors Studio -Wallach already knew the method-of Lee Strasberg and in their classrooms coincided with Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe Sidney Lumet or seasons that the actress immersed himself in the world Strasberg It also coincided with another great performer, Anne Jackson, with whom he married in 1948 and with whom he lived until his last day. Meanwhile, a spectacular theatrical career began with his appearance in works such as The Teahouse of the August Moon or Mister Roberts, and in 1951 and won a Tony for his work in The Rose Tattoo, Tennesse Williams.

However, he soon jump to the movies for their love of theater (he rejected the character that Frank Sinatra won an Oscar in From Here to Eternity by Brand in Real Camino scenarios, Williams, directed by Elia Kazan), and when he did debuted under the direction of his friend Kazan in the controversial Baby doll (1956), with which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Wallach entered streak: the lineup (1958), Don Siegel, the magnificent Seven (1960 the Misfits (1961) -the damn famous film with Cligt Montgomery, Clark Gable and Monroe, the West Was Won (1962), the Moon-Spinners (1964), Lord Jim (1965), How to steal a million and (1966) and, at the close of the trilogy of Sergio Leone dollar, the Mexican bandit Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly, shot in Almeria. With Leone would not speak after his disagreement in pre-production Get down, damn Wallach made dozens of TV appearances He won an Emmy in 1961 and was nominated four more, the last in 2007 and 2010 for his appearances in Studio 60 and Nurse Jackie but reminds the audience for film titles such as Gold Mackenna, midnight Cinderella Liberty, false testimony, perverted youth, Joe, crazy Steve McQueen's friend, took part in his latest film, the Hunter. Intimate Clint Eastwood, actor-director was reserved a role in Mystic River.

For decades it has remained in the cinema with presences in another city, another law, The Two Jakes, The Godfather III -spectacular his death, Don Altobello eating cannolis while watching the opera Cavalleria rusticana-, The game of power, night and the city, more than friends, holidays (great his old disenchanted writer) in 1995 he played the father of Antonio Banderas in two much, Fernando Trueba, and in 2010 even appeared in two more films: the writer and Wall street 2 money never sleeps. Five years earlier, Wallach published his autobiography, The good, the bad and me: in my anecdotage, which counted as almost dies in shooting Leone and almost lost his vocal cords to drink acid in the same film. He was never nominated for an Oscar, although he received the honorific, nor won many awards (in addition to the above, a Bafta); however, they never made him take to be a star. As he said in The Times in 1997: "I love acting."