18 books you must read before the opening of the company

18 Books

Prior to founding the company should gain knowledge that will help in running the business. Here is a list of 18 books - the so-called. "Must have" for people who want to start a business.

Reaping the achievements of entrepreneurs who succeeded and who wished to share their thoughts is the best thing you can do. It is best to meet "face to face" and talk. When this is not possible you should reach for a book - the timeless, which won the title of cult, or the latest and showing a new point of view.

At school or college, such reading does not, therefore, knowledge of business topics should deepen yourself. 18 books a lot, but if the subject is interesting and reading is a pleasure! :)

When I read a book I'm doing with it one of two things: resells or allowed to stand on the shelf. On my shelf are the only items that I found to be timeless. I know I can be with a clear conscience recommend to anyone interested in the subject (read mostly books practical and historical).

It is difficult to buy a book that will go perfectly in your tastes and needs. Sometimes, after reading the description and the opinion of the readers I thought that this will be another title on my shelf and has happened otherwise. One of the best ways is to direct to the author. If the author is a practitioner, ie. He describes his own experience, that such a book at 80% will be helpful.

How to read a book about business

With each book should draw the best. While reading! The practice of school taught me to "swallow" books, life has taught enjoy them. I can read a verse and then think about it, translate the idea's for my example, invent a new one. I like when the text is an inspiration, a muse and inspiration. The book is worth that much, how much of the "shalt" and therefore beyond speculation recommend one of the ways of active reading:

The use of tabs. To think there flew away, just a piece of paper on which you write the problem and put in the way. Listing thoughts. As above, except that instead of the bookmarks you use a separate notebook. No side - think. Writing down quotes and words of wisdom. Sometimes we read something that makes you want to fix somewhere. To this end it on a computer or smarfonie launch a notebook and record every valuable opinion. If you run a blog that such notes may be a good prelude to write an interesting article.

List of books

Books for future businessmen divided into five categories:

      Tax and accounting rules

      Business idea

      Marketing a small business

      Organization of work

      Personal development

Most of the books I read, so I know what I write recommending them to you. I wrote that this is the book for "future business", but if you run a company and do not read them, the more I recommend! If you would like either to buy, it is enough to click on the "see in a bookstore," and you will be taken to Ceneo, where you can select a bookstore with the best price.

Tax and accounting rules

"In life, two things are certain - death and taxes." On the Internet you can find a book on how to take care of their health which may (but need not) contribute to a longer life. In contrast, here you can find books that will help you understand the principle on the state line - the company. And once you understand them, the easier it will take the appropriate steps.

In addition to the following books also I recommend to look at the article How to open a business step by step, which run literally by the hand through the maze of regulations.

  • Revenue and expense ledger step by step - Barbara Mierosławska
  • Business in the country grandfathers - Kamil Cebulski
  • Right in e-business - Barbara Mierosławska
  • How to steal? Manual thief - Kazimierz Turaliński
  • Manual startup - Steve Blank, Bob Dorf
  • Creating business models - A.Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur
  • Method Lean Startup - Eric Ries
  • Marketing a small business
  • Growth Hacker Marketing - Ryan Holiday
  • Gamification - Paul Tkaczyk
  • Gen seller - Robert Zych
  • Getting Things Done - David Allen
  • First, Break All the Rules - M.Buckhingam, C.Coffman
  • Eat that Frog - Brian Tracy
  • Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
  • Psychology boss - J.Gut, W.Haman
  • Guru worship ... rice - Michal Wawrzyniak
  • Success in relationships - Alex W. Barszczewski

Do not stop at books

In conclusion I would like to give you one very important piece of advice: just practicing the acquired knowledge in books achieve what you intend. I believe that after reading the best books you will develop for yourself attitude to business. I wish you, your company to bring a lot of joy and money, which let you change not only your life but the lives of others. After all, all you earn is yours, but it did not take to the grave.