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We feature author interview video clips called Bookwraps that let you see authors as they talk about their books and writing. Find the video interviews from your favorite author or a specific book title by using the drop down navigation menus above.

The video interviews are also organized by the book's genre category. Our newest Bookwraps are listed below. Click on the book jacket and enjoy; the author interview will play automatically!

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The Search: How Google...

John Battelle

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Jack Welch

Winning lays out the answers to the most challenging questions people at every level of an organization face on and off the job. Welch's goal is to help everyone with a passion for success.

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How to Trade Binary Option Successfully

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What is a Bookwrap?

Bookwraps feature video clips of authors talking about their books and their writing. Each Bookwrap has up to six author video clips and supporting text information such as a sample chapter, synopsis, review quotes and the author biography and provides a complete information package on a book. Bookwraps have an "email this" feature enabling you to email Bookwraps and to share the experience.!"

Bookwrap author interview videos let authors speak directly to readers, which is why we say "Bookwraps make books come alive!"


You can host Bookwrap author videos on your own site. Bookwraps also have a customizable "buy" button so you can capture transactions. Email us for more information.


Are you a publisher or author interested in having us produce a Bookwrap author video for you? Contact us for details.


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    BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource
    Perseus Publishing

    With original essays from more than 150 world-renowned business thinkers, leaders, academics, and practitioners, BUSINESS will be the gold standard of business information for the twenty-first century.